What is Clan Erskine

Clan Erskine is a Scottish clan whose origins go back into antiquity. Erskine is a habitional name derived from the lands of Erskine, an area south of the mouth of the River Clyde in Renfrewshire. The Erskines served a pivotal role throughout Scotland's long and proud history, and an Erskine has even acted as Regent of Scotland. It was Mary, Queen of Scots who recognized the Erskine's matrilineal claim to the Earldom of Mar, which goes back to the original Mormaerdom of Mar, one of Scotland's oldest titles of Pictish-Gaelic origin. As such, the Erskines are associated with the broader Tribe of Mar as the descendants of their ancient chiefs. The territory of Mar or Marr roughly corresponds to the modern council area of Aberdeenshire.


Clan Crest

Coat of Arms

Je Pense Plus
Clan Motto

Clan Chief

The current Chief of Clan Erskine is James Thorne Erskine, 14th Earl of Mar and 16th Earl of Kellie. James is a Liberal Democrat and has serverd in the Royal Auxilary Air Force and Royal Navy Auxilary Service. As he does not have any children, the heir presumptive to the Earldom is his younger brother, Hon. Alexander David Erskine. Due to a dispute in the 19th century, there is another Earldom of Mar, held by Margaret Alison of Mar, 31st Countess of Mar, who was born Margaret Alison Lane.

James Thorne Erskine
14th Earl of Mar and 16th Earl of Kellie

Margaret Alison (Lane) of Mar
31st Countess of Mar

The Clan Erskine Society

The Clan Erskine Society is the largest group of Erskines in the world. Based in Albuquerque, NM, USA, the society exists to help unite members of the clan and to connect them with resources for clan gatherings, travel, Scottish fesitvals, or general family history and genealogy purposes. We are always accepting new members. Dues paying members receive a variety of genealoglical services and discounts for Erskine products.

If you have questions about the Clan Erskine Society, please contact zacharyadamerskine@gmail.com

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